List of competitors in the 1st Round

Andrianov, Alexander (Russia) Benatar, Tal (USA, Israel) Binder, Alexander Sinan (Germany) De Jager, Jacobus (South Africa) Dénes-Worowski Marcell (Hungary) Dutton, William (UK) Erdélyi Dániel (Hungary) Guy, Orr (Israel, Austria) Gwizdalla, Mateusz (Australia, Poland) Habart, Jiří (Czech Republic) Hildebrand, Philip (German) Jin, Yukuang (China) Liao, Brian (Taiwan – China) Marsovszky, Johannes (Germany) Marsovszky, Paul (Germany) Melaniuk,

Prize winners of the first edition

Six contestants competed in the finals of the first Kodály International Music Competition between 17 and 26 June. According to the decision of the international jury chaired by violinist Kristóf Baráti, 1st prize goes to Carlos Vidal.

List of competitors in the FINALS

ABRAMOVA, Valeria – violin (Russia) HULOT, Marie-Astrid – violin (France) MICHALSKI, Krzysztof – cello (Poland) TEMESVÁRI, Bence – cello (Hungary) VIDAL, Carlos – cello (Spain) YOON, Yuri – viola (South Korea)

List of competitors in the SEMI-FINALS

ABRAMOVA, Valeria – violin (Russia) AUER, Katharina – violin (Austria) CSIKÓS, Vilmos – violin (Hungary) HARTMANN, Domonkos Péter – cello (Hungary) HULOT, Marie-Astrid – violin (France) ISAACS, Brian – viola (USA) KARLS, Lorenz – violin (Sweden, Austria) MICHALSKI, Krzysztof – cello (Poland) NAM, Jeongheon – cello (South Korea) SILVA SOUSA, Sofia – viola (Portugal) SUSSMANN,

List of competitors in the Preliminary

ABRAMOVA, Valeria – violin (Russia) AUER, Katharina – violin (Austria) BALOGH, Nella – cello (Hungary) CHA, WooBeen – violin (South Korea) CHIN, Matthew – violin (Hong Kong – China) CSIKÓS, Vilmos – violin (Hungary) DEVUTSKAIA, Sofia – violin (Russia) ERDŐS, Boglárka – violin (Netherlands, Hungary) ERICKSON, Marley – violin (USA) FÓRIS, Zsófia – violin (Hungary)

200 applications received for the first Kodály Competition

The call for entries closed on 31 January with a huge international response: exactly 200 young musicians from 43 countries on five continents applied. The competition will be held in the violin, viola, and cello categories between 17–26 June in Debrecen. The applicants, who include musicians from the US, Iceland, Germany, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and New

Rules of the Qualifying Round

Dear Applicants, we are aware that due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is very challenging to find piano accompanists for the Qualifying Videos. Therefore, the Kodály Competition decided to set forth the following rules: 1) Qualifying Round Video 1 (one movement of a solo piece by J. S. Bach) is mandatory. To be eligible for the competition,